How the Qur’an is Both Concise and Comprehensive.

For the Qur’an to maintain conciseness throughout without sacrificing its comprehensive guidance is a feat beyond human capability. Despite being in a world that is constantly evolving, whether technologically, morally or socially, the Qur’an remains remarkably fresh and relevant for every time and place. Even 1,400 years after the revelation of the Qur’an, this is a book whose limited size does nothing to hinder its unlimited scope for guiding mankind:

Many Prophets, One Message


The Qur’an is a very concise book. You do not find unnecessary or superfluous detail in its verses; the information that it contains always serves and supports the overall purpose of the Qur’an which is guidance for mankind. By contrast the Old Testament provides a lot of unnecessary, and arguably harmful, detail that is of no benefit to those seeking guidance. A good example is Ezekiel 23:20, which describes the genitals and semen of men using obscene language. The New Testament suffers from a lot of repetition, for example the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke contain so much duplicated material between them that it has led many Christian scholars to conclude that their authors used a common source which has since been lost to history.

In fact compared to other Scriptures such as the Old Testament and New Testament, the Qur’an is significantly shorter, around 10 times shorter than the…

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